Strategic Management and Business Model Essay

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MBA 615 final exam 1. How can IT be used as a key driver of business value?
The fascination with IT-enabled business innovation comes at a time of significant uncertainty and change as entrenched players and new entrants struggle to define a sustainable proprietary position for success in the turbulent twenty-first century. While most agree that Internet-based technologies have progressed at lightning speed since they were introduced to the business world in the early to mid-1990s, developing common standards and robust commercial technologies usually takes time. The challenge of integrating new technologies into the "legacy" of computers, networks, and systems already in place within companies adds to the problem. To achieve the
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Bargaining Power of suppliers: There are many more suppliers now than those from ones immediate locality or country, so suppliers aren’t that powerful any longer.
Intensity of rivalry: There is surely more rivalry now. Zenith bank is now in Ghana and they don’t only reach me through the local media but also through CNN. The local banks have no choice but to sit up .
It may increase the buyers bargaining power as information of substitutes and price are easily available. 4. Discuss how IT can be leveraged to create business advantage through its effects on the three components of the business model.

Strategy, Capabilities, Value

5. What are the requirements for managing IT operations, services, and project delivery?
Today, companies acquire services externally from chains of service providers and integrate those external services into their internal legacy infrastructures. The shift toward incremental outsourcing and multiple collaborating service delivery partners dictates a shift in management emphasis. 6. What is the focus of the competitive model ? What 3 questions should it address and why is each important? Intensity of competitive rivalry. That buyers, competitors, and suppliers are unrelated and do not interact and collude. That the source of value is structural advantage (creating barriers to entry). That uncertainty is low, allowing participants in a market to plan for and respond to competitive
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