Strategic Management and Business School

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Izmir National University

What do the comments by the faculty tell you about INU's strategy?
There is no strategy, no concise vision, or supporting mission statement. Therefore, there is no strategic architecture in place and the business school lacks sufficient human, information, or organization capital (Kaplan and Norton, 2004) to address the faculty's concerns and issues. This applies not only to the business school but to the university as a whole. Without these three components, the business school will most certainly not attract, retain, reward and lead academic talent (faculty, students and administrators) and become a "world-class" business school. Moreover, the business school does not have a clear understanding of their
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What would the effect be on productivity if the faculty received a 10 percent raise but continued to teach the same number of students?
The BSC framework lays out nicely how productivity can be measured. Because the BSC is built around four perspectives (financial, customer, internal, learning and growth), productivity goals can easily be developed, classified, and measured for each perspective. Exhibit 2 shows how productivity can be measured utilizing the BSC framework (Pineno).
Exhibit 2
Productivity Measurement Utilizing the BSC Framework Financial Perspective | Goals | Measures | Fund raising | Size/growth of endowment | Revenue from operations | Tuition revenue growth | Customer Perspective | Retain high-quality students | Student satisfaction surveys | Faculty satisfaction and quality | Level of faculty publications/presentations | | | Internal Perspective | | Quality and currency of faculty | Teaching load policy management | Curriculum/program excellence | Higher education accreditations | | | | | Learning and Growth Perspective | Faculty development | Number of ongoing instructional development programs | Quality of facilities | % of budget for improved facilities/information systems/telecommunications systems |

From an operations management perspective, increasing an input (higher compensation) that results in the same or less output (number of students

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