Strategic Management and Cold Stone Creamery

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MBA 6601 Unit V
Unit V Discussion Board
Write an international mini-plan for a company that interests you (or a product/service that you want to sell yourself). Address the following in your mini-plan: * Location of value-added functions—The choice of where to locate each of the functions that comprise the entire value-added chain, from research to production to after-sales servicing * Location of sales target—The allocation of sales among countries and the level of activity in each, particularly in terms of market share * Level of involvement—The choice of operating through wholly owned facilities, partially owned facilities, or contract arrangements and whether the choice varies among countries * Product/services
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Veterans) ]. I plan to use a unique labor force in Spain that will provide a major value-added function. The employees will primarily be college student from the major Spanish Universities. With coordination and configuration I will propose to the universities’ business department a joint venture where college students can work/internship for Cold Stone Creamery and have employment while completing an approved business internship. The cost factor of this labor force will be an added value to my operation in Spain verses in the U.S. and the employees will receive training and possible management position within Spain after completing their internship. This could lead to my franchise operation in Spain expanding into a larger enterprise. Location of sales target—for me would be the major cities in Spain; the ice cream industry would do very well in a location as warm as Spain and with the uniqueness of Cold Stone Creamery the addition of stores will be a refreshing sight for tourist and locals alike. Level of Involvement & Factor movements and start-up strategy—will be managed by Cold Stone corporation; as they have a great deal for veterans: “If you have been honorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces or are a federally recognized 501(c)(3) organization, you will receive a twenty percent (20%) discount on the Initial Franchise Fee. Therefore, if you have

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