Strategic Management and Costco Company Essay

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Costco Wholesale Corporation Part III Costco Wholesale Corporation is in an industry where there are several of dynamic competition from huge chains such as Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club and Target, and yet it could maintain a competitive and profitable stance. Effective strategic planning is essential part in operating any business in relation toward adapting to organizational and operational adaptation to changing markets. Through inquiries, the influence in the recent economic trends, provide strategies that have use or could use in the adaptation to changes in the market related to issues of economic trends, such as recession and economic downturn. Costco Company’s research paper will further discuss the tactics that has…show more content…
By conducting the analysis, an organization improves its effectiveness through strengthening its status, grabbing opportunities, and reducing weakness, and protecting business from threats. In context of SWOT analysis, key strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats of Costco Company will enlighten intelligibility about the company’s current position. The company pay close attention to every and has capitalize various strengths that to its success factors, including rapid turnover of the inventory, reduced cost of handling merchandise, organization of an efficient operating structure, and generation of high sales volume at each of its store. The Costco Company has a built powerful continues membership renewals, treasure hunt atmosphere, and extraordinary employees. Best practice in benchmarking analysis to provide transparency, provided with target date benchmarks collected of compliantly execute, and consensus-driven benefit distribution. The statistics congregated in the survey to form the basis is the benchmark glide path, which implemented with inert contact to each asset class. Effective utilization and powerful implications of strategies will result victory in any firm. The human resources management plays an important role in helping the Costco Company achieve its business goals. John C. Matthews is Costco Wholesale Corporation Senior Vice President of human resources and risk manager.

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