Strategic Management and Heineken

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Executive Summary This report will consist of strategic management strategies and concepts used by Heineken in developing a successful global brand. It will include a complete analysis of the company and its vision mission and goals in which it is trying to achieve and the steps taken to achieve them. An analysis of the external environment will be conducted with the use of 2 models to observe the external threats and opportunities which Heineken is faced with and the strategic strategies which are used to overcome or take advantage of these situations. An internal analysis of their company resources, organisational structure and culture will also be assessed to determine their competitive advantage over competitors along with a…show more content…
External Analysis One of the reasons for Heinekens success is due to their commitment in consistently scanning the environment and the market. Their continuous analysis of the external environment allows them to see where opportunities and threats lie, and where strategic strategies may be implemented to gain them a competitive advantage over competitors. The PESTLE model allows Heineken to analyse all areas of the external environment and determine which factors may influence their strategy. Political –Governments tend to exercise significant control over beer as it contains alcohol which has caused many problems in society and has addicted people. This attention from the government will affect Heineken in sale volume in the market. Many governments have imposed heavy taxes on liquor and beer imports, and with globalisation many brewers are looking for new markets where they can gain maximal profits. This proves to be a threat for Heineken. Heineken must conduct thorough research on countries policies on alcohol such as drinking in public, alcohol contents in drinks, legal drinking ages and must strategically plan their integration into these markets based on the research. Economic –Heineken has many operations in many different countries, mainly in Western Europe, reported in Euros. Therefore company results could be threatened by currency fluctuations. Heineken however try to
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