Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

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This assignment is a part/whole unit assessment activity

BTEC – Level 7 Advanced

Professional Diploma in Management Studies Assignment Brief UNIT TITLE: Developing Strategic Management and Leadership skills Assignment: Tutor: Date Set: Date of Submission: Instructions: Mr Tayo Tewogbade March 2011 17th April, 2011 Answer all questions

Learning outcomes and criteria covered by this assignment 1. Understand the relationship between strategic management and leadership 2. Be able to apply management and leadership theory to support organisational direction 3. Be able to assess leadership requirements 4. Be able to plan the development of leadership skills

Assessment criteria AC 1.1 Explain the link
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BTEC assignments 2011 ©LAHE

1. For CEOs and many other Senior Executives in your company, strategic leadership is an important role which they must perform well. Evidence requirement ( to meet assessment and grading criteria for pass) Task One (C1, C2, C3) a) Explain the link between strategic management and leadership b) Analyse the impact of management and leadership style on strategic decisions c) Explain how leadership styles can be adapted to different situations Task Two (C4, C5) 2. Management and leadership theories are important for organisational direction. a) Describe the impact that selected theories of management and leadership have on your organisational strategy b) Identify a leadership strategy that supports your organisational direction Task Three (C6, C7, C8, C9) 3. The development of leadership skills require assessment and planning a) Describe appropriate methods to review current leadership requirements in your organisation b) Explain the development of future situations requiring leadership c) Analyse the development of leadership skills for a specific requirement d) Justify
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