Strategic Management and Planning

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Final MGMT 435 Strategic Management and Planning 02/12/2016 1. How does Blue Nile create trust in buying an expensive item like an engagement ring * 2. How does BN educate potential customers * 3. How does BN get users to buy expensive diamonds on a mobile device 4. How does BN make the diamond buying process hassle free * 5. How can BN grow internationally if the internet is not always available* 6. Can BN expand its product offerings beyond diamond and jewelry* 7. Is BN “stuck in the Middle” APA 3-5 pages at least 4 references Blue Nile, Inc. is considered the world’s largest online retailer of diamonds. Founded in Nineteen-ninety nine, the Blue Nile offers gold, platinum, pearl and silver…show more content…
Additionally, consumers in other nations can purchase items directly, via the mobile app’s shopping card in their local currency. Mobile app shopping helps increase the ease and speed on shopping, since users interface and the entire checkout process is optimized for mobile devices. The convenience of purchasing jewelry online is not the same as purchasing physically at a store. Blue Nile thrives to serve customers the best they can by offering several online features to ease the hassle of online shopping for their customers. Blue Nile offers unique characteristics to enhance a customer’s shopping experience such as financing options, educational pages, and online shopping. Online shopping offers the option to shop independently or with assistance, additionally customers can email for additional information, or contact a customer service representative. A thirty day money-back guarantee is offered if the purchase does not fulfill the buyer’s expectation, making it a hassle free experience. Many countries lack American consumer habits of online purchasing and yearn advancement. Otherwise many countries continue to adopt this habit realizing the efficiency, convenience and effectiveness. Currently Blue Nile solely operates online and for consumers in developing countries where internet access is unreliable, there is no buying power for potential customers. They can internationally expand in countries where Internet purchasing is unavailable by
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