Strategic Management and Prada Group

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Business Strategy Group Case Study PRADA Group members Yufan Liu Ying Wang Dingyu Wang Executive Summary This report examines the strategic management of the international iconic fashion company- Prada. In this report we conduct an analysis of the external and internal environments and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the Prada. The key issues identified in the environment analysis is the Prada’s future market especially China. The report reviews the financial and non-financial objectives of the company’s strategies and their affects for the stakeholders. Prada is engaging in their attempts to achieve their objectives. The strategic…show more content…
Strategic evaluation 28 7.1 Triple bottom reporting 28 7.1.1 Economic bottom line 28 7.1.2 Social justice bottom line 28 7.1.3 Environmental bottom line 29 8. Conclusion: The organization’s current and future prospects and recommendations 30 9. References 32 10. Appendices 37 10.1 PESTEL Model 37 10.2 Turbulence Model 39 10.3 Porter’s Five Forces Model 41 10.4 SWOT Analysis 42 10.5 Urbanization of China population 43 10.6 Followers on Social Medias /43 10.7 McKinsey 7-S Model Adjusted 44 10.8 The
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