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Monday, October 01, 2007 Chapter 11 Strategy in International Business Multiple Choice Questions STUDY QUESTION 1: What are some of the general features of the challenge and importance of strategy in international business? 1. Generally, managers planning strategy in the global marketplace consider it more complex due to all of the following except _____. a. the steady reduction in trade barriers creates fewer opportunities in previously protected markets (interpretation, page 363) b. they often must compete with cost-efficient overseas rivals c. many overseas competitors operate with greater economies of scale d. the challenge of configuring and coordinating globally dispersed operations 2. Forces that…show more content…
foreign competitors typically have cheaper, higher quality products c. it makes innovation partners more predictable d. requires companies have low costs in order to compete 10. The profile of change in the global financial services industry showed that industry conditions change because _____. a. of the predictable progression of an industry through successive stages of its life cycle b. consumers demand more low-cost service options because of the arrival of new industry competitors (interpretation, page 367) c. the opportunity to change markets to exploit less favorable location economies d. the role of governments in spurring more competition in an industry 11. The stronger the collective impact of the five competitive forces, the _____. a. greater the degree of stability in product innovation b. larger the number of market opportunities for c. lower the combined profitability of industry members (interpretation, page 366) d. greater the predictability of industry evolution 12. The Five Fundamental Forces Model presumes which of the following: a. Imperfect Competition and rational decision making b. Rational decision making and perfect demand c. Imperfect demand and perfect competition d. Perfect competition and rational decision making STUDY QUESTION 4: How does a firm create value in terms of low-cost leadership? 13. The company that
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