Essay on Strategic Management and changes to a caravan park

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Reported by Sarah Crowther Table of Contents Introduction This report was requested by lecturer Carole Hill at Coatbridge College. It includes a planning stage, developing stage and evaluation stage, each stage has to be submitted by 02 November 2012, 01 March 2013 and 10 May 2013. The purpose of the report is to complete the planning, developing and evaluating stages relating to the case study provided. 1 Terms of Reference As the newly appointed Office Manager of Loch Tay Holiday Park, James has asked me and Adalbert to review and appraise the current condition and running of the park and present the reports at the next Management Team meeting to be held in a few months time. This report…show more content…
Informing staff about changes that are going to happen can reduce their resistance to change. This will increase the motivation of all employees and James as everyone is up to date of what is going on and feel involved within Loch Tay Park. This can take effect immediately, a room would need booked and have all staff attending. It may be hard to arrange a suitable time to have a meeting were everyone is able to attend. It should be discussed amongst staff of when team meeting will be held whether that may be once a week or once a month 3.2 Communication 3.21 Arguments amongst staff Key issue Customers had reported problems to the office staff and sometimes these problems are not being sent to Adalbert the Maintenance Manager. This is causing conflict between the office staff and Adalbert or members on his team. Arguments have taken place in front of customers. This is then affecting the customers as the issues they raised are not being dealt with, which could end up costing the business as they are already heavily relying on their existing customers for business. This is important to resolve this issue with immediate effect to help retain the existing customers and reduce the conflict between the office staff and Adalbert and his team. Objective To resolve this issue would be to set a procedure in place for reporting problems and should be followed. This would be a way where the customer reports the problem, and then it gets acknowledged by the office staff,

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