Strategic Management in Hotel Industry

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Ups and down have been regularly seen in Hotel industry, for grabbing hold of the transformation using plans strategically at regular intervals is quite necessary ( Pretorious & maritz, 2011). By implementing strategies in hotel, it not only maintains the good operation but also makes the hotel lively. In order to be hotel stand out from its rivals, it needs to check out frequently costumer’s likes and dislikes and later mould itself according to the demands and besides compromising with fresh business entrants which leads to the extremely significant stride in order to organize a scheme so that it would be able to differentiate the main foundation of competitive benefits ( Kim & Oh, 2004). In the scenario of Hotel Swiss Spirit the two strategic methods implemented are SWOT analysis and porter’s five forces in order to explore competitive benefits of the hotel. For instance, place, amenities etc.
In order to make scheme strategic, strategic positioning has been seen as important issue so that it helps to put at which position or where the organization standing at ( Gershon, 2003). The two examples of brand positioning are place and past story behind it.
For making their business more conducive, slowly hotel proprietors getting acquainted with the importance Food and beverage. However, the serious concern that the hotel have been encountering are customer’s scarcity which actually won’t be able to cover the cost because it is lately launched and moreover in the market still

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