Strategic Management in Jessop

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JESSOPS Qianqian Zhang Group DF Jessops Strategy Analysis 09/02/2012 Contents 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Introduction 3 3. PEST analysis 4 3.1 Political factor 4 3.2 Economic factors 4 3.2 Social factors 5 3.3 Technological factors 5 4. SWOT analysis 5 4.1 Strengths 5 4.2 Weaknesses 6 4.3 Opportunities 6 4.4 Threat 6 5. Porter’s five-forces 7 5.1 Threat of new entrants----high 8 5.2 Power of buyers----high 8 5.3 Bargaining power of suppliers----high 8 5.4 Threat of substitutes----medium 8 6. Jessops competences 9 7. Key environmental and ethical issues 10 7.1 Environmental issues----recycle 10 7.2 Ethical issues----credit 10 8. Different customer segmentation requirements affect business…show more content…
Other retailers have like products and same brands in their stores. Also, its prices are relatively high compared with some supermarkets and online stores. 4.3 Opportunities Nowadays, cameras are popular among the young generation. Moreover, government emphasises on the growth of private sector, which enhances Jessops’s competition. A recent industry research report from IBISWorld argues that the expansion of advertising and fashion markets will stimulate domestic demand for photography services in the next five years (PRWEB, 2011). These provide opportunities for Jessops to expand its market share. 4.4 Threat However, there is much challenge for Jessops. * Changing market: Firstly, traditional film printing is declining in the UK. Secondly, market prices of products and services are going down instantly due to the popularity of online shopping. New technology is also a shock in that more and more mobile phones are now fitted with cameras with high definition. This can reduce demand for cameras. * Economic recession: As a result of the economic recession, unemployment has been rising and consumers have less disposable income and thus spend less on luxury goods. This is a direct impact on Jessops----a £12 million loss was made in the 15 months by January 2011 following its rescue from collapse (Leicestershire, 2011). Evaluation: SWOT analysis Jessops’s position in the present market. 5. Porter’s

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