Strategic Management of Anheuser-Busch

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Strategic Management Anheuser-Busch Mission Statement: What it is all about The Mission Statement is a vital component in the strategic planning of a business organization. Creating a mission is one of the first actions an organization should take. This can be a building block for an overall strategy and development of more specific functional strategies (Abrahams, 1995). By defining a mission an organization is making a statement of organizational purpose. Christopher Bart a foremost researcher in the art of mission statements articulates, "A good mission statement portrays an organization's unique and lasting reason for being, and energizes stakeholders to follow common goals. It likewise enables a focused allocation of…show more content…
In the company's mission statement, it states that it wants to reach a global audience and it hopes to be the world's beer company. Thus, the firm wants to reach the global and world market. · Technology This relates to the technology used to produce and market products. Upon analyzing the firm's mission statement, I have noticed that technology is not mentioned or included in the firm's mission statement. · Concern for survival/growth/profits This is about the company's concern for financial soundness. This is reflected in the statement "Deliver superior returns to our shareholders." This shows that the company is concerned with delivering superior returns or profits to their shareholders, which means that the firm is focused on its profit, survival, and growth. · Philosophy This concerns the company's values, ethics and beliefs. First, this can be inferred from the statement " be the world's beer company," which I think reflects the company's belief on excellence. Next, in the statement "enrich and entertain a global audience," it depicts the company's readiness to serve its customers. Lastly, in the statement "deliver superior returns to our shareholders," this implies that the company strives to give the best to its shareholders because the company values them. · Public image This includes the contributions the company makes to communities. Even if this is not exactly stated in

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