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Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 1 2. Current Situation 3 3. External Environment 4 3.1 Macro Environment 4 3.2 Porter’s Five Forces Model of Competition 8 4. Internal Analysis 10 Strength 10 Weaknesses 14 5. Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS) 17 6. Current strategic 21 6.1 Business-level strategic 21 6.2 Functional-level Strategies 23 6.3 Corporate Level strategies 24 7. Recommended strategies 26 7.1 Business-level strategy 26 7.2 Functional Strategy 28 7.3 Corporate strategy 31 8. Implementation 36 Reference List 40 Appendix 43 Appendix A: External Factors Analysis Summary (EFAS) 43 Appendix B: Internal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS) 44 1. Executive Summary The following…show more content…
Haigh’s vision is delivering a world-class chocolate experience every time (Haigh's Chocolates). Its value is that they will be caring and considerate of their employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, the community and the environment by showing respect to each other and valuing diversity, working together to achieve a safe, friendly and positive working environment, setting clear expectations, recognising contribution and developing their people, leading by example and taking responsibility for their actions, communicating clearly, inclusively, honestly and in a timely manner, having pride in their product and passion for the business, its heritage and its future and contributing to the community through corporate benevolence and environmentally sustainable practices (Haigh's Chocolates). Haigh’s chocolate currently has over 300 employees and 13 retail stores; six in Adelaide, six in Melbourne and one in Sydney (Haight's Chocolates). They manufacture 200 different products and also produce a number of products whose sales supports various charities. (Soong-Kroeger, 2011) Haigh’s Chocolate provides quality products and service throughout Australia and make sure to produce only the best raw materials from

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