Strategic Management of Healthcare Organizations

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Discuss ways the program does or does not comply with the hospital's mission. The program does indeed comply with the overall mission of the hospital. As the case indicates population increases along with lack of overall resources creates a compelling argument for the cardiovascular service. For one, the age of 45-64 year old individuals within the community is increasing dramatically, which warrants the need for a more profound program. In addition, patients are often travelling many miles for treatment of many, more common cardiovascular programs. As such the overall program does comply with the hospitals mission of providing the best available care to the county and surrounding territories. The addition of the cardiology care center has implications for both the hospital and surrounding areas in which it operates. For one the program provides a continuity of services to the general public. This is important as medical and nursing staff's helping patients are constant throughout the treatment cycle. This ultimately minimizes patient transfers which enhances the overall quality of care to those within the hospital. As such, this program does align with the overall strategy and mission of the hospital, as it relates to patient care and treatment. In addition, the hospital would like to grow and be recognized nationally as a premier institution. Much like many of the other competing firms in the county, this hospital aims to be the best patient care provider in the county
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