Strategic Management of Royal Dutch Shell

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Strategic Management of Royal Dutch Shell Royal Dutch Shell, more commonly referred to as just Shell is one of the global giants in the oil and gas business industry. Its operations involve not only exploration and production but also distribution and marketing, refining, power generation and petrochemicals. The company's registered office exists in London, United Kingdom with its primarily listed on the London Stock Exchange (and is a constituent of FTSE 100 index) while its headquarters and the centre of all operations, is located in the city of Den Haag in the Netherlands. It has secondary listings on the New York Stock Exchange as well as on Euronext Amsterdam. The Royal Dutch Shell Group stems from a Dutch company by the name of Royal Dutch Petroleum Company, which was created through a royal charter in 1890. Its founding fathers include Jean B. August Kessler and Henri Deterding. The Royal Dutch Shell Group came into being when the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company merged its operations with the Shell Transport and Trading Company Ltd. Located in the United Kingdom. As of December 2011, Shell plc stands as the largest company on the FTSE. It has recorded revenue of US$ 470.171 billion at the end of the year 2011 with a total profit of US$ 31.185 billion (Royal Dutch Shell Plc, February 2, 2012). Its operations are spread worldwide, serving over 90 countries with over ninety-thousand employees and forty-four thousand service stations (Forbes, 2011). It produces a
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