Strategic Management of Square Textile

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Historical Background

Square Group is one of the most renounced pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. This group inaugurated their journey through Square firm in 1958. This is the first medicine exporting firm in the country. It’s contributing to the national economy by exporting medicine from 1987 to till now.

Square group is no longer confined to medicine production. They have diversified their activities. In 1988 they established Square Toiletries. In 1997 they established Square Textiles. In 2000 Square spinning started exporting by satisfying the local market. In 2001 Square group lunched many other firms: Knit Fabrics, Square Fashions Limited, Square Informatics, Square Consumer Product and Square Hospital. Now their total asset
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The company wants to produce such society friendly goods and services that go to satisfy the wants of all the relevant party without disturbing or damaging the socio- economic and ecological, balance of the mother earth and the process of human civilization leading to peaceful co-existence of all the leaving beings. The company always strives for top quality products at the least cost reaching the lowest rungs of the economic class of people in the country. The company values its obligation to the greater society as well as it strives to protect the interests of it’s shareholders and to ensure highest return and growth of their assets.

Marketing Scenario

Potential Customer

The target market for products produced in Square Textiles Ltd. and Square Spinning Ltd. is Export
Oriented Readymade Garments Industry. Readymade Garments exporter that is Knit Fabrics,
Sweater and Denim manufacturer. In Bangladesh Beximco Kitting, Grameen Knitwear, Shasha
Denim, Knit Concern etc are the customers. Target market for products produced in Square Fashion
Ltd. is Europe and U.S.A. Square Textiles does not direct sales in overseas market but sometimes
India, Pakistan & other countries take their yarn.

Size and Growth of the Market

The Company’s marketing operations continued its emphasis on export sales over the years as depicted below

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