Strategic Managemrent Apple Essay

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Apple in case study

Question 1/ Analyze the microenvironment and drivers of changes of the PC industry. What are the opportunities and threats facing Apple, Inc. (PESTEL analysis, “Uncertainty/Impact” drivers’ analysis and Scenario Planning)? 20% :

a) Opportunities and threats facing Apple, Inc.

Opportunities: * Entrance in new markets; * High levels of demand of Apple’s products (IPhone, IPad); * Damages from competitors who doesn’t respect Apple’s patent; * Exploitation of new advertising methods.

Threats: * High levels of competitiveness; * Dependence on specific suppliers; * Android system Vs. iOS; * Inflation; * Levels of taxes.

b) PESTEL analysis

Political factors:
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They need a computer for everything. Even a student could not go to school without a computer because homework/tasks are given through the Internet. This improvement of Internet has a big influence on Apple, Inc.. They always have to innovate and to invest a lot in their research and product departments to stay on the top of the market.

Environmental factors:
New U.S. laws and regulations are making manufacturers responsible for recycling, and Apple Inc. introduces domestic recycling facilities instead of shipping waste overseas. Moreover, Apple Inc. has enhanced their expectation about green production. Furthermore, Apple operates in a way that conserves the environment and protects the health and safety of their employees (Apple Annual Report, 2011).

Legal factors:
When you want to launch a new product, you have to respect the legal regulations such as the labeling, copyright, patents/intellectual property law, the consumer protection, etc. These regulations influence the way Apple produce its products and sells them.

c) Scenario and uncertainty

The external influences can be more or less important. We don’t know yet the new progress of technology. Take the example Apple reaches a peak with technologies; maybe apple products will be less interesting. Or about the competitors, some can occur as Apple did before. Apple doesn’t know if it will stay on the top of technologies. Apple is also highly

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