Strategic Marketing Case 1 Essay

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Strategic Marketing

Crescent Pure Case

Cenker Arslan (0511394)
Mert Bayraktar (0514486)
Umut Fisek (0514234)
Cem Ziya Gürsoy (0513408)
Muhammet Cihat Mete (0513241)

Portland Drake Beverages (PDB) is a manufacturer of organic juices and sparkling waters, which bought Crescent that is founded in 2008 by Peter Hoober whom already realized a market opportunity for a healthy energizing drink. Although he has started that production and selling of Crescent as a hobby, later on it became a business because of growing local demand.
Crescent Pure Case is mainly about acquisition of Crescent by PDB in which market researches and customer surveys are realized in order to identify the best category for Crescent to be successful in United
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Market analysis is the essential guide for the PDB in order to positioning. Market dynamics, size, growth trends in 5-10 years should be understood well. They can decide the market share, profitability and such kind of goals in numerical base and steer the positioning in the market.
From the environmental analysis point of view, vital cases are healthy life desire, young population rate growth and green economy as the recent popular approaches in terms of consumers and economic and legal regulations as official.
According to above analysis results, one of the basic elements of positioning and business strategy is sustainable competitive advantage. In order to identify the competition field, product market selection, competitor selection and pricing factors are the backbone based on assets and competencies of PDB. Value proposition of Crescent product should be visible, meaningful and sustainable. Real, well-perceived and relevant customer value generation is critical. Customer must know and believe it because offering customer value is meaningful if the value is sensed properly by the customer.
Furthermore, being owner of reputable and prestigious brand is the most strongest advantage for sustainable competitive. If a good market share is desired, PDB should focus on acquiring an
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