Strategic Marketing : Coca Cola

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This study is conducted in order to carry out the company’s overall strategic marketing reasoning and evaluate the organizational resources. The report will highlight the Value Creation, Competitive Strategies adopted and the competitive advantage Coca Cola USA has over its competitors in the country.
Value Creation

Coca-Cola understands that forecasting the bottlenecks is a necessity in this dynamic business environment. Leveraging from the collective geniuses of its various collaborations like the bottlers and suppliers in USA (Investors et al., 2014), it constantly evolves its supply chain process, to align functions like manufacturing, transportation and distribution (Anon, 2014). The company’s suppliers providing the system with materials, ingredients, packaging and machinery, must follow supplier guiding principles (SGP) and must comply with applicable laws and regulations, including those relating to child labour, discrimination, health and safety, etc. Coca-Cola addresses areas of concern by partnering with their chain of retailers, independent businesses and restaurants and providing them with nutritional information ensuring responsible marketing (Investors et al., 2014). It has joined World Wide Fund For Nature like other leading corporations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and has been able to significantly reduce their energy costs improving the energy efficiency ratio over
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