Strategic Marketing Management : Analysis Strategy, Implementation, And Control Of Marketing Activities

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-Define Strategic Marketing Management and identify some current issues in strategic marketing management that might be faced by an organisation.

“Strategic Marketing Management: The analysis strategy, implementation, and control of marketing activities in order to achieve organisation 's objectives,” (Jack in the box, 2014).

Through strategic planning, the company can break down their SMM into three main questions. What is the business doing now, what is happening in the environment, and what should the business be doing? (Hooley, G et al, 2012).

A big part of addressing these three questions is planning, implementing and evaluating how effective different strategies are. Strategies should be focused on long-term growth and looking at the big picture. Finding a ‘strategic fit’ is also important for strategic thinking and developing SMM. “If [the strategy] is not focused on meeting the needs of customers it is doomed for failure,’ (Hooley, G et al, 2012).

When planning, implementing and evaluating a SMM plan, there are problems and issues that organisations face. Planning is the process of constructing ideas that will benefit the organisation and allow it to grow. “Implementation is critical to the success of any firm because it is responsible for putting the marketing strategy into action,” (Marketing Strategy, 2011). It is imperative that in the planning stage, the organisation has considered several factors and has created a strategic plan. Problems arise when it
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