Strategic Marketing Management And Tactics

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Strategic Marketing Management and Tactics in the Services Industry Strategic Healthcare Service’ Management ABSTRACT Healthcare is a service industry and broadly includes hospitals, health technologies and people i.e. skilled doctors and nurses. Healthcare organizations are complex, diverse in nature and need to improve quality while maintaining optimum cost. Patient is the customer hence healthcare service quality is nothing but perceived satisfaction by patient. Prevalent trends in healthcare industry i.e. emerging healthcare technology, increasing demand, changing disease pattern and government support are contributing to a need to be accustomed with advanced technologies and achieve efficient continuity of care. Though demand is growing, healthcare service sector is facing challenges being underserved and under-consumed. There is a scope to improve quality and efficiency using strategies like marketing mix in order to satisfy patient i.e. final customer of healthcare services. Major healthcare players are adopting unique strategies along with diverse geographical presence and range of services from single specialty, super-specialty or multispecialty to deliver healthcare services efficiently. KEYWORDS: Healthcare Service Industry, Marketing Mix Strategy, Technology Integration, Apollo Hospital, Quality, Efficiency, Infrastructure, Patient Satisfaction. INTRODUCTION Health care is primarily a service industry which constitutes major part in Indian economy. The

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