Strategic Marketing Management Essay

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Assessment Criteria Evidence
(To provide evidence of Achieving Assessment Criteria Learner should provide the following )
1.1 Discuss the role of strategic marketing in an organization.
For AC1.1, learners need to show that they understand the difference between strategic and tactical marketing. They need to use established models and definitions to develop theirdiscussion.
1.2 Explain the processes involved in strategic marketing.
For AC1.2, learners will be expected to understand and explain the processes involved in strategic marketing. This will involve looking at a range of processes and learners may wish to draw on their own experiences in the workplace to amplify their points.
1.3 Evaluate the links between strategic marketing
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Developing appropriate strategies, which allow progress, is essential. Wilkinson was founded in 1930 as Wilkinson Cash Stores by James Kemsey Wilkinson and has remained largely in the hands of the founding family since its establishment. Wilkinson’s growth places it in the top 30 retailers and is a prime example of a business that has responded to changing customer needs throughout its history. It is one of England’s long-established retailers of a wide range of food, home, garden, office, health, and beauty products. Recently, it faced stringent competition from its competitors. Wilkinson needed to offset the effects of this offence by identifying new realms for greater opportunities. Over a span of two years it conducted extensive market research that abetted it to create a market strategy designed to continue growth by targeting a new market segment – the student population. However, the segment that Wilkinson opted for was not, in all likelihood, the outcome of a casual decision that the top managers made based upon stark intuition. The decision was rather dependent upon a formal, systematic, and comprehensive procedure that rationally allowed them to pursue this path.

The quest for a competitive advantage in this unique market segment began with Wilkinson’s mission aimed at rapid growth and increased stores across England. The mission is the
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