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STRATEGIC MARKETING Wednesday 29th, 1997 FIRM O Team Members Silak CHAMNIANWECH Djunyanto THRIYANA Gary WALSH Oming WIRASAKTI EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Firm O has developed a portfolio of three products in the Sonite market over the course of the Markstrat competition. During the course of the competition, Firm O has lost significant market share and worked hard to rebuild a product portfolio that returns a substantial net contribution and places it in a position of power in relation to it’s competitors. In this paper, Firm O will provide an analysis of how it’s product portfolio has developed and how their portfolio compares in relation to their competitors in the Sonite market using the BCG model as…show more content…
* SINGLES SEGMENT - The singles segment has experienced strong consistent growth since period 1, growing from 153,000 unit in demand to 405,000 units demand in period 8. Recent demand has grown at a slower rate suggesting that this segment has reached its maturity stage. This segment was not service well until recent periods when competition for this segment became quite strong. Despite this competition and relatively low margins, this remains an attractive market due to its size and position in the life cycle. * PROFESSIONALS - The professional segment has been the most competitive segment in terms of products offered, primarily due to the large margins that can be received. The segment grew substantially in the early periods but lately has entered the decline stage and will now represent a much smaller percentage of the total market. Depending on the ability to hold market share this, segment will quickly lose its appeal in future periods. * HI EARNERS - Like the Professionals, the Hi Earners experienced significant growth from initial demand of 264,000 units in period 1 to 455,000 units in period 8. It presents high margins and is dominated by a small number of companies which present barriers to entry into this market. It remains an attractive market due to it’s relative market size, despite entering into the decline phase of the life cycle. * OTHERS - The others segment represent an extremely attractive

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