Strategic Marketing Plan for Reading Cinemas Essay

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October 4

Executive summary
The selected company, Reading Cinemas, is looking to ultimately strengthen its competitive position within the market place over the course of the next three to five years.
A market analysis was first taken out on Reading Courtenay; one cinema under the Reading brand name situated in Wellington. From this analysis, it became apparent that the Internet was one of the company’s largest competitors. Upon further research, the problem revealed to be at such a large level, one single cinema would not be able to control it alone. The view for the marketing plan had to be changed and instead would now support a company-wide view.
After the view change, a concise market analysis was taken out on
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Worldwide, Reading International resides nearly 4 million square feet of land and buildings (Reading International, 2013).
Looking at where the company is in the market place, the cinema exhibition business segment has reached maturity (Reading International, 2013). Reading International will be looking towards improving their current cinemas to achieve more growth as well as developing niche-type of cinemas in selected markets and also procuring additional properties that contain existing cinemas. The objective behind these strategies is to attract more customers. Currently, Reading International targets several key groups of consumers by running various promotions across each country; school children are targeted with the ‘Early Bird’ promotion, students are targeted with ‘Terrific Tuesday’, working professionals with ‘Friday Flicks’, couples with ‘Steer & Beer’ restaurant ‘combo’ deals, families with ‘Spit the Dummy’, elderly with senior discounts, and general movie enthusiasts can sign up for the ‘Reel Club’. It appears that these consumers have been segmented on the basis of demographic grouping. What Reading International needs to be aware of however, is that there is a whole new generation of consumers that will have an effect upon how Reding International’s customers should be grouped over the next couple of years. This generation is known as the Net-Generation (N-Gen), and should
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