Strategic Marketing Planning For Mercedes Benz

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Student name: Theresa Hansen
Student no.: 4004394
Subject code: MKT 300
Subject name: Strategic Marketing Management
Lecturer/Tutor: Martin Long
Assignment title: Strategic Marketing Planning Workbook
Word Count: 2521
Due Date: Tuesday, 28th October 2014
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Strategic Marketing Planning Workbook

Company: Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz Logo
(Source: Cassaro, 2011)

Lecturer: Martin Long

Subject: Strategic Marketing Management (MKT 300)

Theresa Hansen

Student #: 4004394

Due: 28/10/2014

1. Table of Contents

1. Table of Contents 2
2. Executive Summary 3
3. Introduction 4
4. Findings 4
4.1 Business description of Mercedes-Benz 4
4.2 Pestle 5
4.3 Porters Five Forces analysis 7
4.4 Competitors 8
4.5 SWOT analysis 10
4.6 Strategic positioning and market attractiveness 11
4.7 Market segmentation analysis 12
5. Potential market opportunities and conclusion 13
6. References 15

2. Executive Summary
This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the market-situation and strategic positioning…
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