Strategic Marketing Principles

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Strategic Marketing Principles
Being strategic when spending marketing dollars is important for any company regardless of size. A business, for this case British Airways, can only be as successful as its marketing initiatives. A company is said to be market driven when it is focused on the market that it is in and the customers who define that market (Buggie, 1993). Sometimes a company will examine the overall market they are in and try to redefine it so that they can cover a niche. British Airways is trying to focus its drive in its market so that customers look to the company as the leading premier air carrier. In order for the company to do this, they have to alter long-held perceptions by changing the way that they do business. British Airways has started doing this by employing two distinct methodologies. First British Airways merged with Iberia which gives them a wider customer base, and they formed alliances with other national carriers such as Qantas and American Airlines. The company also needed to have a look that bespoke luxury, so they have also upgraded their facilities in the airports they serve (specifically Heathrow). The purpose of this paper is to examine the effectiveness of British Airways plans to expand their business and improve their services through a strategic marketing analysis.
British Airways became an organized airline in 1971 (British Airways, 2011). Through the years the airline has been forced to change as the
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