Strategic Modules Used For The Case Study

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THE STRATEGIC MODULES USED FOR THE CASE STUDY This section would discuss the strategic modules used by the group in providing solutions to all allocated task. Strategic Direction This task was primarily handled by me; It involved research on the direction in which our case study have been operating. Thorough research revealed that part of their strategic direction involved beating their direct competitors to the market, by reducing production to release time. Most of the case study 's approach to strategy included a Green initiative, customer-oriented design, supply chain management, minimal advertising and accelerated growth. Related Diversification was identified during the research as a strategic model used in the previous five years…show more content…
However, for our research we focused on the PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technology). Political: This deal with the degree of government impact on the economy or in our case industry. These political factors include tax policies, trade restrictions, labour laws that the government may demand and how it may influence the industry. Economic: These components are determinants of an economy 's performance that specifically affect an organisation or industry and have long haul impacts. They include factors like Inflation, exchange rates, interest rates and GDP. They play a major role in cost of capital and product pricing as they also affect the purchasing power of consumers. Social: These elements investigate the social environment of the business sector, and gage determinants like social patterns, demographics, populace examination and so on. High patterns in social elements influence the interest level for an organization 's items and how that organization works. Technology: These factors relate to advancements in technology that may influence the operations of the business and the business positively or negatively. These factors include Research and Development, innovation, computerization, Information systems. BENEFITS OF PEST ANALYSIS With strategic management analysis, creating a framework is usually a difficult terrain that it is usually best to break it down
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