Strategic Objectives of Operational Management

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Quality Systems Management BUS 401 Assignment 09 October 2011 Task 1 1. Strategic objectives of operational management In a competitive market environment, organizations employ different strategies to achieve market advantages. Wining new markets and maintain the existing markets depend on the quality of the products and services that organizations produce. To enhance quality of the products, and achieve market competitive advantages, firms should employ operations management techniques to produce and distribute products. Operations management focuses on the various strategies that firms employ to create, develop, produce, and distribute products and services to achieve market advantages. (Slack, Chambers. & Johnston, 2008). Model of operation management is very critical to business success because it influences how managers understand his customers and translate customers' needs into performance objectives, which is translated into operation business strategy. (Slack, Chambers, & Johnston 2010). Operations management is the method that an organization employs to coordinate business operations in term of efficient utilization of resources. Typically, strategic operations management can create core competencies and develop management capacities within an organization. The objective of this paper is to discuss the strategic objectives of operational management. 1.1: Role Played by Effective Operations Management within an Organisation Operations are
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