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OPERATIONS STRATEGY Instructor: Gad Allon Contact: g-­‐‑ Class 1 Description Framework for operations strategy Tailoring operations strategy Investor/External view of operations: - Operations Forensics - Linking to Financials (ROIC tree) Asset strategy, operational hedging and risk mgmt. Sourcing strategy: Global networks and offshoring Strategic sourcing and supplier relations Reading Swiss Watch Industry (Ch1, p. 32) Peapod (Ch. 13, p. 415) Hand-­‐‑In (Before class) Project Progress (After class) 2 Peapod External view of the organization’s operations. Risk…show more content…
Proficiency will be estimated by measuring your performance on: A. Individual: - Class contribution 15% - Individual Peapod case submission 15% B. Team work: - Simulation game submission 15% - Final project or case 55% Text and Course Materials The course packet and the textbook Operations Strategy: Principles and Practice by J. A. Van Mieghem. Other textbooks that can give complementary viewpoints on operations strategy: 1. Operations Strategy: Competing in the 21st Century. S. L. Beckman and D. B. Rosenfield. McGraw-­‐‑Hill, 2007. 2. Operations, Strategy, and Technology: Pursuing the competitive edge. R. Hayes, G. Pisano, D. Upton and S. Wheelwright. Wiley, 2005. 3. Operations Strategy by Slack and Lewis. Prentice Hall, 2003. 4. Manufacturing Strategy by Hill. Irwin McGraw-­‐‑Hill, 2000. Other business books that may be of interest to students taking this course: 1. Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning and Operations by Chopra and Meindl. Prentice Hall. 2. Clock Speed by Charles H. Fine 3. Mass Customization
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