Strategic Organization Initiatives vs Hr Approaches Essay

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ASSIGNMENT 1 LARA Z. ALTINOK MBA 533 HUMAN RESOURCE in MANAGEMENT Instructor: Dr. George Zagursky Introduction This paper will analyze two strategic initiatives of an organization and how they match up with the HR approaches. Many organizations realize that it is their people who bring them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Well planned HR management policies and practices are one of the common denominators of successful organizations. Let us take a look at how two strategic initiatives of an organization play a role in HR management. First initiative is diversity. Most American companies embrace and encourage diversity amongst their employees. These companies believe that diversity brings different approaches to…show more content…
While seeking for diversity in a candidate pool, HR must create an environment for its diverse workforce that effective and non-discriminatory. Strategic Initiative 2: Promoting Health and Safety Safety hazards are anything such as an environment, material, or equipment that can potentially cause bodily injury or death. Health hazards are dangers to health resulting from continuous exposure to environmental pollutants, such as asbestos, radiation or fumes, or cigarette smoking, chemical abuse, or continuous use of equipment that gradually causes deterioration of health such as carpal tunnel syndrome. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, “the overall rate of severe occupational injuries/illnesses remained essentially unchanged in 2011 at 117 cases per 10,000 full-time workers” ( A huge responsibility lays on HR management with the company’s strategic initiative of promoting health and safety at work. The HR approach should be to promote safety training and wellness programs. Although these are costly approaches, lack of them could be even more detrimental to company’s bottom line. HR must consider several issues as described by Ivancevich& Konopaske (2013): * “Are safety rules being observed? How many near misses have occurred? * Are safety guards, protective equipment, and so on being used? * Are there potentially hazards in the workplace that safety redesign could
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