Strategic Performance Measure Approach : Coca Cola

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Introduction Coca-Cola was formed in the year 1886 being the leading soft drink company having a global presence. Coca-Cola has operations in around 200 countries, owning around 2800 beverage products. There are around 100,000 employees working in the country all around the world. Thus, Human Resource is regarded as an essential function in such an organization. There is high priority given by the company to the employees while considerable efforts are made to balance them. There is a reflection in the important constituents concerned with HRM in the company such as recruitment, talent management and selection. Another important element related to HRM in the company is the manner there is recognition of employee’s performance as well as their appraisal. Strategic Performance Measure Approach Coca-Cola Ltd. Is considered as the subsidiary of UK’s Coca-Cola Enterprise Inc. it is the largest bottler as well as manufacturer of Coca-Cola brands in the entire world. In Great Britain, there was manufacturing of Coca-Cola in around 240 million cases concerning product each year having six sites, seven distribution channels as well as the presence of the largest global plant at Wakefield. TQCCMS was adopted by CCE while being dedicated for attaining consistent improvisation. The study aims in including the effects of Performance Management System’s implementation on the business environment while helping Coca-Cola in driving its implementation. There are a number of purposes of the
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