Strategic Plan Development Paper

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Strategic Plan Development Paper Introduction Coors Brewing Company is one of the most successful brewing company's in the United States. The organizations clear Mission Statement and Vision Statement assist the company in achieving their goal of being one of the most successful brewing companies in the world. In the following text, a review of the mission and vision statement of Coors Brewing Company will be discussed. The group will also determine if Total Quality Management is an objective for them and indentify what impact globalization may or may not have on Coors management positions. Finally the group will reveal how globalization does or does not increase the complexity of total quality management for Coors. Coors Brewing…show more content…
The regional brewer acquired national distinction during the 60s and 70s, only officially attained national distribution in 1986. (Adolf Coors Brewing Company [ACBC], 2006). Coors is positioned third to market leaders Anheuser-Busch, Inc. and Miller Brewing Company. Coors abides by a strict philosophy when interviewing new employees. "Wherever we operate, we will build the right team that is consistently focused on delivering high performance in a winning culture" (Coors Brewing Company [CBC], 2007). Coors QM system is people based. Coors firmly believes the strategy for a successful organization and a triumphant QM system is the staff that they employ. Coors Brewing Company's stated goal is "to grow our business profitably and consistently over the long term. We believe we can continuously improve our performance by investing in our people and creating a challenging ¬ but fun ¬ working environment" (CBC). Coors Brewing Company has a generous rewards program to motivate employees continually to perform at his or her peak. Coors currently maintains a "market-competitive, performance-based total compensation package designed to maximize value for the employee, be cost-effective for the company and reward employees for success" (CBC). To ensure Coors Brewing Company maintains the standard of employee the organization believes will fulfill the TQM culture; Coors has included a success model in the website.
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