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Running Header: Strategic Plan Part II

Strategic Plan Part II – Environmental Analysis and Setting Strategic Goals

HCS 586

March 5, 2012

Strategic Plan Part II – Environmental Analysis and Setting Strategic Goals

Strategic planning can dictate the success of any organization if properly planned as well as the failure of an organization if not implemented as planned. Strategic planning is all about making choices. It is a process designed to support leaders in being intentional about their goals and methods. Simply stated, strategic planning is a management tool, and like any management tool, it is used for one purpose only—to help an organization do a better job. This portion of the strategic plan will explain why an
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SWOT is a method for strategic planning that analyzes objectives based on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (thus the acronym SWOT). SWOT accounts for both internal and external variables, and it may be used to evaluate any system, including an assisted living company. Based on the SWOT Analysis findings Visiting Angels Organization has been able to accomplish its mission, goals, and objectives because of: the values of the profession, employees being knowledgeable regarding quality improvement strategies, staff commitment to providing quality care, different program development through continuous education department and training courses, and a strong informal communication channel among departments.
Internal and External Changes and Challenges Visiting Angel’s organization was able to respond to the internal and external changes/challenges by strategically considering all possible factors before hand. Based on SWOT analysis findings some of the challenges and weaknesses are: reduced funding by predicted resources and government finances, insurance company’s limiting access to care, lack of technology viewed as inability to achieve high quality levels, and the growing numbers of uninsured/underinsured patients. Other unfavorable factors that were identified were: workforce shortages and inability to keep nurses in the profession of assisted living, the need to

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