Strategic Plan For A Strategic Planning

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“Dedicated to women who love their curves, Ashley Stewart started in local neighborhoods across the country. As an iconic plus-size women 's fashion brand, we 've always stood for fashion forward, on-trend clothing at an affordable price. Now with 89 stores across the country, one of the most socially engaged online communities, and a leading eCommerce business, Ashley Stewart is your neighborhood brand gone global” (Ashley Stewart, 2016)

Introduction – Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is defined as a “process” (Abraham, 2012). Strategic planning can help you advance the performance of your organization for the next few years by outlining some of the really big issues facing the organization. It is the size and impact of these strategic issues that gives rise to the importance of the strategic plan. I will prepare a strategic plan for the well-known plus size women’s apparel store, Ashley Stewart in hopes to grow the business over the next three years.

History – Ashley Stewart
Ashley Stewart was founded in 1991 in Secaucus, New Jersey by Joseph J. Sitt. Ashley Stewart is an urban leading fashion brand serving plus-size women around the world with 89 stores across the United States. Sitt’s realized that there was a gap in retail for inner city consumers. Sitt created “Ashley Stewart” the name was inspired by Laura Ashley and Martha Stewart. In the beginning each Ashley Stewart store only employed those within the community where the store was located. This caused the…
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