Strategic Plan Harley Davison

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Stategic Plan

Executive Summary –Harley Davidson Strategic Plan

The motorcycle industry is a consolidated industry. The U.S. and international heavyweight motorcycle markets are highly competitive. The major players, such as Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda, generally have financial and marketing resources that are substantially greater than the non-major players. Competitions in the heavyweight motorcycle market are based on several factors; price, quality, reliability, styling, product features, customer preference, and warranties. Harley’s first segment is motorcycle and related products business which includes designing, manufacturing, and selling heavyweight touring and custom motorcycles products, parts, and accessories. The custom
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1, pp, 10).
Values Statement
The Harley-Davidson value system consists of five company-wide written values they are (1) tell the truth, (2) be fair, (3) keep promises, (4) respect individuals, and (5) encourage intellectual curiosity. These values are universal in the company and govern their relationship with employees, investors, buyers and dealers (Mission Statement, 2008). “By listing values, defining them and then defining some of the key behaviors that exhibit that value in practice, Harley gives staff and clients something tangible with which to work. At the same time this effort shows that the company is serious enough to put their beliefs in writing” (Mission Statement, 2008, pp.5). Using these principles Harley-Davidson’s organization can expand revenues, increase the size of operations, and gain more market presence.
The following chart provides an analysis of the anticipated behaviors resulting from exhibiting the company’s stated values. In addition, the chart provides insight into how the anticipated behaviors will help support the firm’s chosen grand strategies: concentric diversification and turnaround.
Values Analysis
Value Anticipated Employee Behaviors How it Supports Harley-Davidson’s Grand Strategies: Concentric Diversification and Turnaround
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