Strategic Plan Of Rural / Metro Corporation Essay

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Strategic Plan of Rural/Metro Corporation
Rural/Metro is considered a leader nationally in the private sector in provision of services relating to fire protection and private ambulance on a coast to coast basis. The strategy of business of the company is geared towards the delivery of service that is superior to others by employing a model that is efficient and puts in place standardized key systems to help with its operations. The company is highly committed towards employing advanced technology in the running of its operations and by doing so it hopes to achieve its dedication of making technology their cornerstone to excellence. The company also engages in employing a team of professionals that are highly experienced in provision of services like fire protection and ambulance emergency services. The company shows focus towards delivery of quality service through its key implementation of strategies aimed at giving their clients value for their money (Rural/Metro Corporation, 2015). Through this strategic plan employed by the Rural/Metro Corporation, Scottsdale Fire Department has been able to see growth and success and the main reason behind this success has been the innovative nature of the services they provide in that by not only relying on one major line of service, they have advanced into provision of medical emergency services, fleet management and others which all contribute to further success (Guardiano & Haarmeye, 2012).
According to Guardiano & Haarmeye (2012),

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