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Comcast Corporation Executive Summary For the past 45 years Comcast Corporation has provided customers with variety of entertainment. Comcast is the fourth largest cable company in the world. Comcast is now serving more than 21 million customers. Comcast Corporation innovatively provided millions of customers with products and entertainment around the globe. Comcast Corporation has merged with different telecommunication companies as well as other entities such as E! Entertainment television, QVC, and others channels. Comcast Corporation goal is to become the number one cable provider in world (Comcast, 2008). Comcast is planning expanding globally. With the main competition with the Dish Television Network. Comcast’s have devised…show more content…
Every Comcast employee must know how to provide the best customer satisfaction to their customers. In order to make a customer happy they must establish a great relationship with their customers. By becoming customer-focused they are able to reposition themselves and provide the very best customer service. These mission, vision, and values will help Comcast to reach their goals for the shareholders, board of directors, CEO, and employees. Comcast will continue to provide customers with high quality entertainment and telecommunications services. The mission, vision, and values of Comcast are striving to become the number entertainment and telecommunication company in the world. Environmental Analysis a) Internal Environment- Strengths and Weakness of the Comcast Corporation: Comcast is the leading cable telecommunications and Entertainment Company in the industry. Their strengths lie in their products and the will to explore and improve with their services. They always continue to provide customers with new and improved services and continue to build on existing services. Comcast is the fourth largest cable company in the world and served customers in 39 states with over 24.7 million cable customers. (Comcast, 2008). The chart below shows the amount of subscribers in the country: The weakness of Comcast is: the lack of

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