Essay on Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business

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Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business

Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business
Bell-Mart mission and a mission statement must is clear and succinct enough to signify its purpose and existence to its employees and customers. Bell-Mart evaluates how it will address its customer’s needs and how to differentiate its products and services to enhance its competitive advantage. A vision and a vision statement convey the type of company Bell-Mart strives to become in the future. With guiding principles or values Bell-Mart puts into consideration of the company’s culture, social responsibility, and ethics. Finally by analyzing Bell-Mart mission, vision, and values
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There are several steps that Bell-Mart has taken to accomplish this task.
• Bell-Mart analyzes the flow of its communication between its customers and the business. Hiring an expert to evaluate the phone system will help determine what equipments are needed to improve the quality of this company’s customer service.
• Bell-Mart analyzes customer data, by making a determination on which customers have the most sale potential and which one are least profitable. Customer reports and customer data is gathered through market research companies, or the Internet.
• Bell-Mart researches its competitors in the retail industry. This will help better focus the business production and service efforts. Gathered information on service trends will benefit the development of the company. Also getting feedback from front line or seasoned employees can help bring a whole new perspective.
• Bell-Mart can send out customer surveys. With narrow survey questions to topics like customer services and new technologies will help meet customer needs. Customers will express their desires for a delivery service, a membership club, or opportunities for discounts.
• Bell-Mart is equipped to handle ongoing customer support and maintenance. As the company grows in size and popularity the company must be ready and willing to hire employees who will provide ongoing customer support.
Bell-Mart has a clear vision and a vision statement that demonstrates the
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