Strategic Plan, Part III: Balanced Scorecard

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Strategic Plan, Part III: Balanced Scorecard

Shannon Wilson BUS/475 July 10, 2014 Roberto Cordero


The document relates to the methods which organizations use in creating as well as executing methods. Specifically this document would discuss the method of balanced scorecard or BSC method which is extensively getting used by big as well as small companies. To elaborate the concept papers would cope with the use of the idea to the business design of an organization known as Ace Gym. As soon
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3) Internal business processes

Ace Gym can find out the functionality of its functions and procedures utilizing this scoreboard. Some of the main focus goals for the Gym would be:

3. A) in order to boost sales and enhance customer base the Gym would concentrate on upgrading its marketing methods by advertising in electronic as well as print media.

3. B) to be able to boost efficiency of its functions and reducing costs Ace Gym would concentrate to control on the needless operational expenses. A way of doing this would be motivating workers to work from residence. 3. c) Ace Gym would develop and create devices to evaluate and keep an eye on the workers efficiency. These devices could be a combination of fiscal as well as non fiscal structure of performance assessment. 4) Research and development

Some of the important aspects concerning research and development are (Song & Park, 2008):

4. A) Ace Gym would launch employee incentive and growth programs so as to keep its valuable workers. The main focus of goal would be to keep the turnover ratio per annum below 7%.

4. B) Ace Gym thinks that employee efficiency levels can be enhanced leading to accomplishment of overall organizational goals in case the objectives of people are achieved. Gym would concentrate on devising SMART goals keeping equilibrium between organizational objectives with that of personal.

4. c) Ace Gym would
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