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Strategic Plan Update
Amy Chin
October 25, 2010
Charlotte F

Strategic Plan Update—Final Version
Executive summary Kudler fine foods is a premium food retailer whose business is primarily based on sales of bakery, meat, seafood, produce, dairy, and wine. It has ambitious plans but the tightening economy threatens its quality proposition and further expansion. A strategic focus on Kudler fine foods is to improve the level of convenience offered to customers. This strategy would enable its customers to buy more of what they want at Kudler fine foods. Facing the fierce global market competition, Kudler fine foods launches the developing innovative choices for consumers. With the concept of customers as “the foundation of
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Kudler Fine Foods intends to continue providing high quality foods to the local area. The owner of Kudler Fine Foods encourages her employees to be friendly and helpful to the customers. Kudler Fine Foods strive to provide a workplace that develops and fosters new learning, ideas, interests, and strengths. Consequently, Kudler Fine Foods should integrate best practices into workplace, and concentrate on the corporate strategies. The external environment refers situations that occur outside of the company and are by and large beyond the control of the company. After assessing changes in the external environment, Kudler Fine Foods should identify the available opportunities for the strategic planning. According to Kloviene and Gimzauskiene (2009), the main factors in the external environment are the industry outlook, competitors’ strategy, customer behavior, state of the economy, government regulations, social trends, and technological changes. In a competitive environment, Kudler Fine Foods should continually adapt to changes in the market. Organic foods are attracting unprecedented attention from consumers because safe and healthy food continues to be the trend and the customers are very serious about food safety. The market potential will be higher in the future because chemical-free and locally grown food is

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