Strategic Plan and Recommendations for Improving Customer Service Performance with Effective Technology Management

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Strategic Plan and Recommendations for Improving Customer Service Performance With More Effective Technology Management The one area of any organization that most shows a lack of coordination and effective use of information technologies (IT) in general and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specifically is customer service. As the team of 25 customer service agents struggle to get value from the installed IT and CRM systems, customer satisfaction suffers. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the concerns, issues and incidents that together form the catalyst of poor technology management, in addition to providing recommendations for improving the teams' and entire company's use of IT and CRM in the future. A six month recovery plan that is strategic in scope is next provided to guide the customer service team back to high performance. Analysis of the Catalysts of Poor Technology Management The most prevalent factor in the failure of new IT system in general and CRM systems, which customer service is based on, is lack of adoption by the employees that need these systems to do their jobs (Harison, Boonstra, 2009) . Second the lack of system integration, specifically between operational systems and the customer systems of record often dooms any IT or CRM project to fail (Ramrattan, Patel, 2010). Third, not having an effective series of analytics and metrics of performance to measure the relative levels of contribution fro IT systems in general and CRM
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