Strategic Plan for Holy Grounds

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Strategic Plan In closing, starting a new business in the marketplace today requires a detailed strategic plan and vision of where the company envisions its impact and growth opportunities. Holy Grounds intends to have a positive impact on the body, mind, and spirit of its clients by offering a solace from the demanding hectic schedules people in society live today. In an environment of negativity that feeds our minds and food that are stripped of nutrition, Holy Grounds offer a place to restore our bodies with whole food chooses, and feed our minds with Truth, positive encouragement, and hope for a better tomorrow and a better life for our children. Nourishment in multiple forms can rebuild what was lost whether it was because of poor decisions or circumstances beyond our control. Holy Grounds allows the customer to reprogram one's outlook or priorities over a cup of coffee and a conversation. To achieve these strategic objectives, an aggressive and creative marketing is required to facilitate the desired growth and market development. Since the Christian community represents a comparatively close knit community, compared to other target markets, new marketing mediums such as social networking will undoubtedly prove to be a great asset to the business. Therefore, using socially transmitted marketing messages will be ideal to inform potential Christian consumers about the services that the Holy Grounds offers. Therefore the research was reviewed with this idea in mind.
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