Strategic Plan for Knowledge Management

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NASA Knowledge Management Team

April 2, 2002
National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA Publication XX


NASA Knowledge Management Team


Lee Holcomb, NASA CIO

Brian Keegan, Chief Engineer

Vicky Novak, AA, Code F

Strategic Plan for Knowledge Management • i

Many people at NASA and within the knowledge management community contributed the ideas set forth in this document. We are grateful for their comments and support. Specifically, the NASA Agency-Wide Knowledge Management Team, the members of which are noted below, did much of the work reflected here. Special thanks are given to Diana Meyers and Whitney Harris
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New employees are tossed into a maelstrom of project implementation and expected to perform without any substantial introduction to NASA’s processes, history, culture, and lessons learned. Rather than advocating a return to days of large projects, knowledge management principles offers a solution for moving ahead, acknowledging today’s constraints and adapting to a world where technology and innovative processes must partially replace the mentoring and measured approaches of the past. NASA’s knowledge, its intellectual capital, is the Agency’s primary, sustainable source of competitive advantage. Physical assets age, today’s workforce is mobile, and technology is quickly bypassed. Our knowledge as an Agency, however, can endure. This knowledge is a fluid mix of experience and know-how that allows NASA employees to strive for and achieve the improbable day after day. Those companies whose cultures promote knowledge sharing and individual learning have high employee retention, attract high-quality employees, and have a workforce that focuses on fixing the problem rather than fixing the blame. Knowledge management is the spark that will ignite our ability to get the most from the investments we have made in our workforce and information technology, and to harness the considerable intellectual capital within the Agency and its partners.
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