Strategic Plan for Mayo Clinic

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A strategic plan is a tool that delivers guidance in achieving a mission or goal with maximum proficiency and control for an organization. Strategic planning is used to transform and revitalize organizations. The plan helps provide an inclusive understanding of opportunities and challenges both internally and externally for the organization. The plan delivers an assessment of the strengths and limitations that are realistic within the company. A well-developed strategic plan will offer a comprehensive approach and empowerment for the stakeholders involved. It is an opportunity for learning and understanding priorities that will drive the business to succeed. Jones (2010), describes how in health care organizations, strategic plans…show more content…
80). Strategic thinking is a skill that helps pursue logical information and answer assumptions at all levels of the workplace. Forming the ability to deliver operational plans with the objectives put in place by an organization is imperative in strategically thinking within Mayo Clinic. To be strategically relevant Mayo Clinic must improve and increase the core business and must live the primary values which are the needs of the patient comes first according to The Mayo Effect. Incorporating the stakeholder theory, the strategic plan on behalf of Mayo Clinic, key stakeholders truly relay that the persistence of the clinic is to create as much value possible for the stakeholders involved. The top stakeholders in the plan are the patients, the general public and local communities surrounding Mayo. Furthermore the employees and competitors are stakeholders that are visible in the plan. In terms of the long-term plan, the global community could also be defined as a stakeholder within the strategic plan. There are two types of strategies that are evident in the strategic plan for Mayo Clinic. The first one is the strategies done at the corporate-level, there are strategies being developed in the search for what Mayo Clinic should be and what the goals are in the future. Integration and staff inspiration
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