Strategic Plan of Staples Inc

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is the largest firm that provides office products across the globe and an overall leader in this industry. In the recent past, the company has continued to generate huge profits worth billions of dollars through its sales. Staples Inc is not only ahead of its closest rivals but it's the only firm in this industry that generated positive profits during the recent economic crisis. The firm's growth to the extent of an overall leader in the industry has partly been fueled by its invention and development initiatives. Actually, Staples Inc discovered and introduced the office superstore concept in 1986, which has contributed to its growth to be ranked second worldwide in eCommerce sales. Currently, the company sells office products, computers, furniture, and other supplies in approximately 2,300 stores in Europe, Australia, Americas, and Asia. These products are sold through Staples direct sales and catalog operations as well as through the Internet. The growth of Staples Inc to become largest office products firm worldwide and the second largest internet retailer is also attributed to the stages of development that it has undergone. These stages of growth have mainly been centered on the company's strategic plan to accelerate growth and better serve the needs of its customers ("Staples, Inc. Announces Strategic Plan", 2012). Staples Inc seeks to integrate its retail and online offering, execute leadership changes, improve…

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