Strategic Planning And It Management

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Strategic planning is the process of determining a company's long-term goals and then identifying the best approach for achieving those goals (Wikipedia). This process aligns strategic planning with overall organization planning by assessing organizational objectives and strategies, setting the organizational mission and mandate, assessing the external environment and setting policies, objectives and strategies (Wikipedia). A study completed in 1999 revealed that less than 40% of US businesses included IT senior management in the strategic planning process. This first part of this paper will explore the reasons why organizations would be unwilling to include IT management in this process. It will also present reasons why IT management…show more content…
In the end, the reasons for inclusion or exclusion of IT management stem from the same cause: the perception of the value of IT. IT management has been negatively perceived as selling a vision for business transformation that is IT myopic. However, when one considers the value of experience and the nature of change of technology, it is essential to have IT management involved as they are the enablers of technology.
Who Justifies The Capital Layout for Information Systems?
Once a strategic plan is in place, and a decision is made on which information systems will be put in place, one question remains: who should justify the capital layout for these systems – business (the functional proponents) or senior IT management? Decisions concerning large IT investments and capital layout should remain with the business. All investments cases, whether they are IT or business related, require approval by the business. It is important to remember that business are the proponents for business transformation, and they are solely responsible for demonstrating to stockholders, analysts, vendors and employees that there will be a noteworthy return on investment on information systems. With business being responsible for the business goals and strategies of the organization to all of its stakeholders, it also must also assume
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