Strategic Planning At Williams Sonoma

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Strategic Planning at Williams-Sonoma Strategic Planning at Williams-Sonoma
The Williams-Sonoma is a large company that is headquartered in San Francisco. Since its creation, the corporation has boasted of its creativity and business acumen of its management team. One of the important characteristics that have enabled this company to maintain its relevance in the market since its foundation in 1956 is constant innovation and research. The success story began at that time when Chuck Williams, its founder, created the company out of his passion for service (Alber, 2014). Data capturing, processing, and utilization has been the company’s most significant strength. Even before any industry could discover the essence of retail customer records in marketing, Williams-Sonoma had already crafted a way to store data in the 1970s and started to analyze and make smart business decisions based on the outcome, of the most potential hosts for its upcoming stores. It is a move that has gained popularity out of its strong positive outcomes. In following the cue from the customer-provided personal information, the retail giant directly answered to the clients’ call to move closer to them, for which it got rewards in increased volumes of sales, and hence, faster growth rates. Based on its astronomical expansion due to smart choices made by its executives, it is clear that strategizing and risk-taking are the company’s greatest assets.
The company is innovative. It collected customer…
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