Strategic Planning Essay

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Strategic Planning
The current health care environment is characterized by rapid changes in various aspects of operations, prompting hospitals to embrace strategic planning in order to position themselves in the dynamic environment. Strategic planning serves a vital purpose of helping an organization determine what it wants to be in days to come and how it will achieve this objective. This paper explains how a well constructed strategic plan would benefit Atchison hospital which is located in the State of Kansas in the Midwestern United States. Atchison hospital was opened in 1913 with an initial investment of $65, 000 which went to the purchasing of land, medical equipment, and building of three-storey building. The original
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The current number of physicians is 20 who have specialized in different medical fields. These include ophthalmology, internal medicine, radiology, cardiology, surgery, anesthesiology, sports medicine, and family practice. In both the hospital and at the various clinics, the hospital has a consulting staff comprising more than 40 physicians. The physicians provide services for a wide array of medical fields. The number of registered nurses who work full-time is 35 while those working part-time are 12 in number. Practical nurses who are licensed and work full-time are 2 while those working part-time are also 2. Atchison hospital has 195 full-time personnel and 75 part-time personnel (Atchison Hospital, n.d).
The hospital has 25 beds and a total of 1562 people are admitted every year. On annual basis, the number of inpatient surgeries is 365 people while the number of outpatient surgeries is 1602. A total of 184 births per year also take place at Atchison hospital. Average annual emergency room visits is 8219 people while outpatient visits are 36, 410 people per year (Atchison Hospital, n.d). A Board of Directors governs Atchison Hospital at the local level though the hospital is owned by the community. The directors who have dedicated their time and expertise in ensuring prompt delivery of medical services are volunteers who ask no compensation
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