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Assume that you are asked to complete a SWOT analysis for a fictional, large, physician cardiology practice. You are having a hard time fitting all of the characteristics into the SWOT analysis categories. After careful deliberation, you complete the analysis and submit it for review to the practice manager.
• Give 2–3 examples for each of the SWOT categories for your cardiology practice SWOT analysis. Why did you select these categories for specific services?
• What advice would you give them on analyzing the results of the SWOT analysis?
• Does the SWOT relate to strategic assessment? How?
It is important for a company to routinely evaluate its’ image and purpose. Failure to do so may result in decreased revenue and clientele. An
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Two opportunities: 1. Increasing number of providers 2. Expanding structurally
As stated above, adding more providers such as Nurse Practioners or Cardiologists not only increases the number of patients, it also provides the opportunity for patients to be seen sooner, thus decreasing wait time for scheduled appointment. Expanding the structure of the facility has the potential to provide providers and patients with increased comfort during visits. Updated facilities and amenities attract attention.
Two threats: 1. New hospital mergers bringing in new Cardiologists 2. No one to carry on the practice when the founder can no longer practice
With multiple hospital systems emerging on the community, Dr. Sings’ practice faces heavy competition in the area of providers as well as technology. Practicing mostly by himself for nearly 40 years, Dr. Sing has no one in place to carry on his legacy once he can no longer practice as a Cardiologists.
These elements were selected due to the fact that each one plays a vital role in the survival of Dr. Sings’ practice. Physicians in private practice are to be assertive and creative in keeping up with healthcare renovations.
I would advise the committee to carefully evaluate each element and develop preventative measures for each one. The SWOT relates to strategic assessment in that it provides a blueprint for organization growth and
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